Screening FAQ

Q. Who conducts the screenings?
A. The screenings are done by local volunteers who are overseen by the Screening Supervisor of the Mobile Screening Unit (MSU). At least 3-4 volunteers are needed for each screening and the volunteers may include local nurses, medical technicians, health occupation students, Lions Club members, etc.

Q. What accommodations are needed?
A. All screenings are done on-site. We need between 2-3 tables set up either inside a building or in a shaded area with 4 chairs per table. Access to electrical outlets is also necessary.

Q. How is the MSU visit paid for?
A. The sponsoring organization will receive an invoice from the MSU Screening Supervisor the day of the screening. We prefer that the invoice be paid the day of the screening.

Q. How many people can be screened in a day?
A. The number varies depending on the type of screening. For community screenings, up to 200 people per 8-hour day. For school screenings, a maximum of 300 students per 6-hour day.

Q. For a community screening, what is the best location?
A. Location should be chosen based on traffic and visibility. Working in conjunction with other organizations such as community health fairs and being located at senior adult centers work well.

Q. Is written permission required from students’ parents in order for them to be screened?
A. Upon request from school, provide opt in/out slips.


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